The way I use compression.

On the subject of compression: It's no secret that much of the music needs to have the dynamic range compressed in order to make a recording that is easy to listen to. In moderation this is very useful. If taken to the extreme, we have the loudness wars which really destroy the music. When recording electric guitar, if the amplifier is pushed there is a natural compression in the tubes so a compressor further down the signal path is not needed. Recording with the isolation box does not require a compressor due to the volume level of the amp. For recording bass direct, acoustic guitar, and some of the drums I use preamps with tubes. The tube allows just enough clipping to take off the peaks so the track can be recorded full without audible distortion.. Yes, compression can be added later but this is usually not needed during the mix stage. If compression is used in the mix it is done very sparingly. All of this results in a mix with much dynamic and plenty of color. Later the mastering engineer will not have his or her hands tied with compression that cannot be undone. Be careful and don't kill the music.

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