How We Record Guitars

How We Record Guitars Some years ago I built an isolation box for my studio. It is really about the size of an ugly dog house , 5feet by two feet by two feet. It's made from plywood, is completely sealed and lined with quiting. By putting the box in another room, it creates the room within a room sound isolation. There are two 12” speakers in the box, usually one is a greenback for that traditional British sound and one is a Jensen reissue for the Fender sound. The mics are set up between the speakers in the middle with the intent of using only one speaker at a time. I use an assortment of mics including the great old time honored SM 57 but I also use some type of ribbon mic (right now an Apex 205 )for warmth. This is a big part of the box working well. Also, the ribbon has a figure 8 pattern so it can mic speakers from both direction- nice. You just have to move the mics around for the best sound and check the phasing in mono. I have them about 6 or 7 inches from the speaker grills. I also have several little cabinets with other speakers so I can change speakers in the box very quickly.

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